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With shops, The Stockyard Butchery in Thorton, The Mayfield Meat Shed Bulk Outlet in Mayfield and The Meat Shed in Toronto, our doors are wide open for you to buy whole cuts of meat at hugely reduced prices. Specials change daily and prices are always guaranteed to be well under those at the supermarket. Ask our friendly butcher what’s hot this week, like budget rumps, whole rumps and T-bones whole… and for the best savings of all, don’t forget to call ahead to order a whole hindquarter, or your your favourite Factory Pack.

Welcome to The Meat Shed!

We sell meat and lots of it, and because we buy and sell in bulk, our customers get tender juicy meat at great prices, every time. Expect to pay a third less than you would at the supermarket.

Families can save on their food bills by buying in bulk for themselves or when hosting special occasions like BBQs, reunions, graduations, birthday parties and other special occasions. Just stop by one of our shops in Thornton, Mayfield or Toronto or give us a call to discuss your needs.

Do you purchase meat for organisations or businesses like sporting clubs, schools or nursing homes? Please contact one of local shops directly for a competitive quote.

Where does our meat come from?

Our meat arrives straight from the farm, sourced locally from the Upper Hunter. Our chickens are fresh daily from Steggles. There are no long distribution delays and our chops and chooks are often up to two weeks fresher than the supermarkets.

While you’re here

Please come in and eye over our famous Meat Packs, chock-full of classic Australian cuts to help you save even more money without compromising on quality. And for our ultimate best-value deals, don’t forget to ask about our Factory Specials.

Who are we?

The Meat Shed is a Newcastle family-owned business. Since our first store opened in early 2010, we’ve been taking on the big supermarkets in both price and quality and the response from our customers has been overwhelming.

Where are we?

To cope with demand, the Meat Shed has opened stores in Thornton, Mayfield and Toronto.

Feeding a Crowd?

  • Parties
  • BBQs
  • Reuions
  • Fundraisers

We Supply Organisations Too!

  • Schools
  • Nursing Homes
  • Sporting Clubs

Call or visit your nearest Meat Shed or Stockyard Butchery for a quote on a one time or regularly scheduled bulk order of our delicious farm fresh Australian meat.

Due to the current market prices constantly changing, our famous meat packs are no longer advertised on our website. Please call the shops directly to enquire about the contents of the meat packs.

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Beef Hind Quarters

Order Now!! and save $$ on a Hind Quarter of Beef in any Meat Shed store.

Get your meat from the Meat Shed. It’s like having a mate on the farm.